Ye Genet, Ethiopia

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Origin Ethiopia
Region Guji
Washing station Ye Genet
Fermentation Natural
Variety Mixed Heirloom
Altitude 1950 – 2250m
Cupping score 88
Crop year 2019
Cupping notes Lemon | Rose hips | Orange | Tea like finish
Roasting profile OMNI (good for espresso | filter)
Resting period Filter 7 days | Espresso 14 days
Roasted by Bogdan Georgescu
Roasted on PROBAT P5

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Ye Genet washing station

ye genet

Tsegaye Hagos was born in the Atsbi Wonberta woreda (woreda is district in Ethiopia), between the famous rock-hewn churches of Tigray. Tigray, one of Ethiopia’s nine states, is found in the North dry and scorched lands that border Eritrea.

Coffee had an important role in Tsegaye’s early life. At the age 18, he immigrates to Sudan because the political situation in Ethiopia was unstable. After 15 years in Sudan, Tsegaye returns to his birth grounds. After visiting Guji, he considers striking down in the Kercha District, Guji zone. Kercha is an area that borders Gedeo’s fruitful woreda ‘Gedeb’. Just 10 years after starting his coffee career, Tsgaye opens his own washing station in Kercha, Sasaba and the success of this washing station paves the road for the new one – Ye Genet.

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Whole bean, Filter, Espresso